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# Tagger A little binary to read/write IDv3 tags in mp3 files. ## Build You can build it using cargo : `cargo build --release` You should now have the binary in `./target/release/tagger` ## Usage ### Main options You have to provide an input file or directory with the `-i <input>` option (or `--input <input>`). If you give it a directory, it will check for all the files inside this directory (not recursively looking in other directories) You can set the read mode using `-r` or `--read`. It will read all the ID3 tags and print them in the standart output. The write mode is set using `-w` or `--write`. In write mode, you can specify : * A year : `--year <year>` * An album : `--album <album>` * A genre :`--genre <genre>` * An artist : `--artist <artist>` ### Notes * It will ignore every non-mp3 files. * You can set both the read and the write modes. It will first print the tags, and then write the given ones. ## Why I'm mostly downloading the music i listen from youtube using youtube-dl(-gui). By downloading this way, mp3 files don't have any tags. ## Todo * Recurse into directories ? * Add support for title and other cool IDv3 tags * Add support for thumbnails