My Advent of code ( solutions.

My arbitrary size number library, used mainly in my crypto library.

A small piece of code to output some stats about the system. Usefull to get a cool bar when using a windows manager =).

My toy crypto lib, made to understand inners of some crypto algorithms, and used to solve CTF tasks.

My solutions for the cryptopals challenges.

This repo contains some of my configuration files.


My DWM fork , with few patches added.

Tentative de résolution de l'exercice Javaquarium ( en C++.

Tentative de résolution de l'exercice du Javaquarium ( en Rust.

Des bouts de code utiles en CTF.

Ma librairie test de fonction de math.


TPs de programmation orientée objet en L3.

Mes solutions aux challenges de Projet Euler (

My daily-life scripts

Liste des snippets que j'utilise avec UltiSnip pour vim.

TPs de cours de systeme en L3.

A small project to inject tags in mp3 files.


My writeups for ctf challenges i enjoyed.